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Game Pc Full Rip : Avencast Rise Of Mage | 255 Mb

AVENCAST: Rise of the Mage effectively balances both combat and non-combat interactions for a perfect combination of both brains and brawn. By drawing from player-skilled action games like shooters and beat-em-ups, and combining those elements with the game mechanics of an RPG, Avencast offers players the excitement of crafting a powerful character, but also requires them to bring their own skills to unleash their hero's potential. The game will bring a refreshing new approach to the present action RPG genre given its combat system that favors skillful gameplay over dull mouse clicking. Avencast also has strong adventure elements involving numerous perilous quests, scouring vast environments for powerful items, solving riddles, and engaging with various NPC's to advance the compelling story.The player begins their journey as an adept attending the renowned magic academy ¿ Avencast ¿ a place of learning in a world of wizardry, wonder and untold mystery. As an apprentice, the player is expected to complete a number of diverse quests to hone their skills in spell casting, weaponry, and melee combat. Demonic hordes descend upon Avencast and the very survival of the hero's world is at stake. Armed with over 60 different combat moves and spells, and over one hundred different equipment items plus variations, the player must fight various nightmarish creatures and transcend dimensions into the past. The intriguing plot thickens revealing treachery, deceit, the tragic destiny of a forgotten people, and an astonishing truth that will forever change the battle scarred Wizard.

  •     Many hours of exciting gameplay set in diverse worlds
  •     Over 30 Fantasy Based Monsters with Advanced A.I.¿ Each with their own combat strategies, attacks, and defensive moves, their reactions are dependant upon the player's behavior, attack strategy, and even health
  •     Strong Player Personification ¿ In 3rd person view, the character's appearance changes as they acquire new equipment, armor, and weapons
  •     State-of-the-art 3D Engine - A fluid combat system with special lighting and shadowing effects. Players are immersed into ominous settings like dark dungeons with looming pillars; creatures are more imposing with their highly detailed silhouettes
  •     Learn Special Moves from Different Skill Trees ¿ Blood Magic (elementally charged blows; varying speeds, ranges, and damage properties) and Soul Magic (all kinds of ranged magic spells with better area control)

System Requirement
- Microsoft Windows XP®
- 3 GHz Intel® Pentium® or AMD® Athlon™ processor
- 1 GB RAM
- 4x CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive
- Approx. 4.4GB free hard disk space
- 256 MB Direct X9 video card (nVidia GeForce 7600GS+ or ATI X1600)
- Dirext X 9.0c

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  1. Part 1 - 160 Mb
  2. Part 2 - 89 Mb

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