Minggu, 12 Februari 2012

Simple Keylogger v1.0.8 Full Keymaker | 500 Kb

Simple KeyLogger - a program to monitor all the unseen action on your computer! It works in the absolutely stealth mode. All actions are recorded in a log-file for later analysis. Actions are logged to a keyboard, mouse activity in the e-mail, IRC and ICQ clients, browsers, Web sites, etc.

With every versions of SimpleKeylogger, you will be able to

Capture every single Keystroke they type,

(Including user names and passwords)

Get the exact time and date when everything is typed

Capture & review all Chats and Instant Messages

Read every Email Sent & Received (including web-based emails)

Review every Web Site they visit

See everything they do on MySpace, FACEBOOK

(Including all the profiles they visit)

See every picture they post

See every file they download

Quickly find what they are searching for on Google, Yahoo, AOL ...

You can even tell if your spouse is visiting dating sites or being approached by strangers

OS: WinAll

Language: English
Password : No
Download Here :

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