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Game Pc Full Repack : Anthology of Angry Birds (2012/Eng/PC) | 184 Mb

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Angry Birds - A puzzle video game in which the player uses a slingshot to shoot birds on the pigs, placed in different designs.

Angry Birds 2.0
The global hit with mobile devices and got to the platform Windows. Angry Birds - a classic, the original version of the game,
which includes five episodes: «Poached Eggs» (original), «Mighty Hoax», «Danger Above», «The Big Setup», «Ham Em High».

Angry Birds Rio 1.4.2
Angry Birds Rio - a product of partnership Rovio and 20th Century Fox. The action takes place in the magical city of Rio, which were delivered after the kidnapping Evil Birds. In the end, they go from the kidnappers and sent to rescue their friends, Blu and Jewel - rare parrots and heroes multfilma «Rio» from 20th Century Fox.

Angry Birds Seasons 2.3
Angry Birds Seasons - March 17 - Commemoration Day of the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick (St. Patrick's Day). Saint Patrick is said to have brought Christianity to the pagan island and drove all the snakes. In honor of St. Patrick's parade is arranged with songs and dances, Irish beer flows like water, and people wear green clothing. The world has only 15 levels and 2 golden eggs, which you will find.

Angry Birds Space 1.0
Vengeful birds of the Angry Birds got bored on the planet. Broke up a circulation of seven hundred million copies, as sold, donated or just the most popular to date, a game for mobile devices has decided to change the Earth's atmosphere familiar to "silent" space. Of the features of Angry Birds Space, first of all, it is worth noting the "zero gravity" and all that is somehow connected with it. Along with the traditional powers "angry bird" in the game there will be some new gameplay "chips", for example, directly opposite each other in flight mode «slow-motion» and the speed of light. According to the developers, in terms of new laws of physics is the most appropriate representative of the series.

Features repack:
Games have been updated to the latest versions
All games have been "patched" patch on the THETA
The serial number activation: THET-ALEV-LEFR-USWO
Do not cut
Do not recoded
Installation of additional software needed
Starting the game via the shortcut on the desktop or via the folder in the Start Menu

Join the game:
1. Go in the game, and the internet should be included
2. Click on the button "Activate Full Version"
3. Enter the key (the key is for all 4 versions): THET-ALEV-LEFR-USWO
4. Click Activate
5. OK

System Requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Processor: Intel Pentium 3 @ 1 GHz
Memory: 128 MB
Video: 128 MB, 800x600, Shader Model 2.0, DX 9.0c
Sound: DirectX Compatible
Free space on HDD: 100 MB

Password :

Download Here :

  1. Via Grupload - 184 Mb
  2. Via JUmbofile - 184 Mb

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